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Metropolismania 2

Metropolismania 2 is a game that was released in 2006 for PlayStation 2. This game is a city builder sim, but a very unique one. This game has been localized and is available in English.

This is one of my absolute favorite games and I can and have played it for hours, and sometimes days, on end. The graphics of the people in this game are very anime-like, especially your character if you make them a girl. I always make my character a girl and there’s a good amount of different hairstyles and faces to choose from. You can even unlock clothes if you’re lucky enough.

What makes this game unique from others in the genre is that its not in eagle eye view and you don’t handle city funding/taxes (but you do get a wage and have a budget). In this you control your character and actually run around the city you’re creating, interacting with the citizens and purchasing items from the stores. The goals for this game are mostly to reach a certain number of citizens. You get new residents in your phone and you can actually ask the residents of the city for more people.

This game gets generally negative reviews due to the difficulty of the game. Lots of people dive right in, build nilly willy then die a horrible death full of despair (fufufuuu). You have to plan an insane amount in this game. Residents will complain about their surroundings but its takes them quite some time to voice their concerns so build slowly and in ways where you can fix issues as they arise. There is no such thing as planning too much in this game. I even keep track of the ages of children to put them closest to the correct schools. If in doubt you can also put all the schools together then surround it with houses (and more things for citizens). If you plan greatly you’ll have a really fun time with this game if you like challenging city building sims.

Keep a notebook handy (oh yeah its one of those games) since when complaints arise you probably wont have the type of building you need. This means you got to ask around (so write down what you need) then someone will eventually give you someone who knows someone, then write down that person’s name then try to locate them. Sometimes the location they also say is easy and sometimes it isn’t, so its important to try to pay attention to where citizens are, especially bookstores since they tend to be very helpful.

This game has a large range of different types of buildings that can be in your city. This includes such things as maid cafes and very rare anime stores. I once had a city full of maid cafes and it was amazing. Asking people who may know others in the industry or people of interest is a good idea. I asked the maids to get more maids but when I asked the otaku of the city trying to get anime stores they didn’t know anybody and just wanted to play their eroge.

Some others things of interest
• There are some glitch characters, try to avoid them especially if they’re doing something like tending a field, they will crash your game. They have odd names like “Mbwwt”
• Giving people the melons as gifts almost always raises your friendship level well (this is important since you need to be friends to ask for new residents)
• The boss looks just like Hitler
• If you eat a ton then jump you go crazy high, this is not only comical but fun to run on top of buildings
• Plan out your city before you lay down anything, roads cant be deleted
• There will be some trial and error with figuring out the distances between different types of buildings (some things have to be close somethings have to be far and some things have to be at the perfect distance)
• You can get a house and unlock clothes but you’ll need to build the right stores (real estate offices, clothing stores, thrift stores, etc) then get lucky that they sell what you need and/or want. You’ll need a wardrobe to use the clothes you bought.
• You can invite people from your past cities
• Some buildings can be stacked, keep in mind which ones can stack to plan out your city better
• Old people love the parks
• You can unlock different music for the game