Chibi Maruko Chan Dream Stage [Review No.68]

8d608c6e7d051ab6c423afbfbaa2fa03--mahjong-all-loveSystem: Cellphone
Matching Puzzle Game

Year: 2016

A cute little mobile game themed on the anime Chibi Maruko-chan~! Check out my review here:


Naki No Mugi Dasei No Touhai [Review No.66]

34494_frontSystem: PC
Genre: Ponjan
Year: 2004

This is one of the three Nurse Witch Komugi-chan games I bought recently~! After some research, looks like this one is “semi-doujin”. They did a great job making it look like a PS2 game, just look at the disc!

You can check out my review of this game here:

Wonder ZONE [Review No.64]

317877_frontSystem: PS2
Genre: Media Item / Rhythm Game
Year: 2002

ARE YOU IN THE WONDER ZONE TO PLAY WONDER ZONE (or at least read a review about it)? Wonder ZONE is a media item (interactive DVD in this case (literally in this case LOL)) with a smol rhythm game included. Check out my review here:

Also, in other news, I have bought a PS4 and a Wonderswan Color~! Both are extremely cool and a lot of fun, so look forwards to reviews of games for those in the future~

I just recently ordered them so they haven’t come yet, but I also managed to digitally get my hands on some crazy rare doujin games~! The three games ran me up to $100, but they’re like extremely rare.

Touhou Sky Fight [Review No.63]

660942_frontSystem: PC
Genre: Horizontal Dodge’em
Year: 2010

You probably have noticed the blog is a different color now, I like black website themes more than white website themes so decided to change it. I love how it looks but hopefully this isn’t too difficult to read, I couldn’t figure out how to change the text color, turns out I have to do it while writing the post, so gotta change the colors of all 60+ posts.

Anyways, this is another Touhou doujin game, one I had to enter into the database. This one was surprisingly very simple and easy, check out my review here:

Shuushuu Nitori Shoot Shoot Nitori [Review No.62]

10472669_613338882108794_2167025772212739001_nSystem: PC
Genre: Horizontal Shoot’em’up
Year: 2014

Well this sure was a process to add! It wasn’t on GameFaqs so I had to submit the game, the pictures, then the review; all in separate stages. I recently bought a lot more games that aren’t in the database, so will add those as I play them. Shoot Shoot Nitori is a Touhou doujin game which has a cool twist to it, check out my review here: