育成タップコミュニケーション 拘束少女~初恋編~ [Review No.36]

02__victorique_de_blois__vector_by_agr_quasar_by_aggressive_vector-d66h8hfSystem: Mobile (Android)
Genre: Misc
Year: 2015
Star Rating: 0.5/5

Alright, posting this review right here since Gamefaqs didn’t accept my submission of this game into to database~

I onetime went on the GooglePlay Store looking for some free Japanese mobile games. Found some cute looking games, only to be greatly disappointed after the download had finished. The premise of this game is that there’s a loli who’s chained up, and you need to free her. That’s how the game lures you into the download, with the moe moe (kyuun) visuals. The graphics in this are really nice and the girl is cute, no problems here.

But oh boy, the horrible excuse for gameplay is just such a boring nightmare. Especially considering this was like the first mobile game I downloaded, it was a real let down. The gameplay is just tapping the screen, for literally thousands of times. Thats it. Tap tap tappity tap to unlock a series of locks, all with absurd click quotas. I fail to see the point at all, its so repetitive and boring. There’s zero thought at all, and you can’t even really play this in a waiting room or on public transportation which is where I assume people play mobile games. You have to willingly dedicate your time to this garbage. This game has such high ratings and words of praise on the Playstore too. Why? Am I missing something here? Am I supposed to just slap my dick on the screen to enjoy it? I only gave this 0.5 instead of flat out negative 0, just because of the girl. There’s apparently multiple endings, but who can actually play through this garbage to get to just one ending, let alone multiple.

Here’s a good ending: uninstall

Internet-san [Review No.30]

maxreghhsdefaultSystem: PC (Browser)
Genre: Visual Novel / Art Game
Year: 2017 (6 hours ago at the time of posting this actually)

Alright, this one obviously isn’t on GameFaqs, and I doubt they’ll accept it on if I submitted it, so posting the review right here~

Internet-san is an extremely short visual novel / art game made by Internet. Internet are an artist duo from Japan consisting of Heidy Youko and Nahoko Tajima. They change their names all the time (Internet was previously Mambo Sisters and also as Omanutu Sher iiima). The two are now using the personal names, Hiroko Seishin and Yoshitoki Seishin. Also, if you’re a hardcore fan of my reviews, you may remember Heidy from my review on my other blog.

Okay, enough trivia, and onto the review~!
Due to the absurd shortness, this review will be brief~

This is a really short art game, that uses the “browser visual novel” format, where it consists of back-to-back choices until you’ve cleared the game. As an art game, don’t expect anything to make sense. Each choice you make gives totally unexpected results, and there’s a variety of endings (which take literally like 2 clicks to get to). Its a cool little art project worth checking out~!

The game has been posted on their website which they use as an online art gallery. The site is designed really weirdly, as content is sometimes inaccessible from other parts of the site. I’ll first provide the link to the game, then some links to other parts of the website if you’re curious~

Game link: https://nahonaho04036.wixsite.com/internet-san
Website link 1: https://nahonaho04036.wixsite.com/internetmuseum
Website link 2: http://nahonaho04036.wixsite.com/omanutu-sher-iiima