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Rance – Hikari o Motomete –

Rance – Hikari o Motomete – is a game that was released in Japan for various computer based systems in 1989. The game has not been localized, but in 2008 it was officially re-released as freeware, which was then fan translated, so you can play it in English for free (legally). This game is an RPG, but with detective elements. The premise of the game is about a perverted young man who’s basically a mercenary getting hired to find a girl by the name of Hikari, the one the one mentioned in the game title, for a large sum of money. You also need to help a bartender find his daughter too.
The game is on the short side (only a few hours to beat it) and has a handful of places to explore. The games real game play is in just figuring out what the hell to do and where to go. You’ll have to navigate the different areas, repeatedly check on things or do repeated actions, and really have to think on what to do, almost none of it is hinted to you. These parts are detective like and can be tricky at times but are fun. There’s of course battles but they’re very easy and not very in-depth, I basically just kept clicking which killed the monsters (that are either monster girls, doodles, or warriors) then spawned more, then I healed if needed.

ALCG0005The main character, Rance, is pretty funny because of how much of an ass he is. He does really uncalled for dick moves, only does stuff if he gets paid or laid, and other things. Which leads me to my next point, this game is full of hentai. Lots of the time its because the MC (main character) just thinks he deserves it, to get information, or just for the hell of it. The way you can learn new spells is that you have relations with your friend, Sill, who looks like a big ball of cotton candy. Different order of the actions leads to different results, or no results at all. The sex scenes are mostly like the one I pictured, breasts exposed but the actual penetration is off-screen.

This is a pretty cool game and is interesting for not only its age but the content and large amount of non-battle based detective-like gameplay thrown in the mix. The game’s dialogue isn’t bad either, with lots of comedic stuff added in and unexpected elements and twists.

Some other things of interest
• The game has some glitches, but there’s a .txt file in the download that explains how to fix them. The bugs are all visual, most commonly the graphics turning mostly red.
• You can get a lot of money early on, its recommended you buy good equipment with it.
• You can only have one skill learned at a time, I went with heal
• Be careful! The characters love stealing your money. They’ll lock you in screens where you must buy something, unexpectedly charge for items, and even charge you for not buying something. Thankfully though its very easy to get more money.
• You need to go to a store to level up. Its free and just costs experience points but you do need to go there to level up, don’t forget to do this because some monsters will still some non-redeemed experience points.
• The girl on the cover is not in the game
• Alternate titles include:
– Rance: Quest for Hikari
– ランス -光をもとめて-

And of course,
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a5m0f81w9dic28v/Rance_01_translated.rar