Criminal Girls Invite Only

Criminal Girls: Invite Only

Criminal Girls: Invite Only is a PS Vita game that was originally released in Japan in 2013 then got localized in 2015. Since this game has been localized its available in English. The genre for this game is JRPG and its a very fun one.

The plot of this game is that you’re a new employee in Hell’s prison. Your job is to lead seven girls who died before they could repent their sins through reformation, which involves going through the different layers of hell fighting enemies and bosses along the way.

What catches people’s eye the most with this game is how the girls learn new skills. To learn new moves the girls need to be “motivated” which involves spanking them among other similar things while they’re in lewd poses, farther you go the more skin they show. Each set of new moves has a different outfit too which makes it even more fun, especially if its something that pertains to your interests. Sadly though, in the localization the game has been censored. There’s pink fog covering certain spots, usually their vagina region, and the voices have been removed. Despite this the game is very fun, but would be better uncensored.

This game’s battle system is rather unique. You first of all can have all the girls with you, and they all level pretty evenly. You can switch them out in battle as many times as you want. The way the moves are chosen are that your girls suggest them. Each time its your turn you get four choices chosen by the girls then you pick what you think is the best choice for your strategy. Some girls can learn joint moves where they attack together.

My waifu picks for this game are:

                                                              Shin <–
12321368_1781648432122000_3572278921165085921_nShin is my favorite girl from the game and one of my favorite girls in general. She’s a super cutie and I like her personality. She always wants to be the leader and is serious. There is a level in the game where you get to see the backstories of all the girls and learn more about them and how they got into Hell. I related with Shin’s backstory a lot which made me like her even more. Her attacks often include the other characters and some spells. She also attacks with cards which is adorable~



Alice –>
AliceAlice is visually more my type and she’s a super cutie too. I love lolis, especially ones that are curvy, seriously look at the hips on that girl~! She’s so small and cute. Her personality is very soft spoken and shy. She’s a very quiet girl, except for when she senses a spirit in need of help. She is synced to the spirit realm. Despite her appearance and extremely weak normal attack she can actually be the strongest character if used right and she always played a major part in my boss fight strategies. Her ultimate moves are crazy strong, especially if used on enemies weak against ice.

Some other things of interest

• If you plan on getting the platinum in the game you will need to knight every girl and see each ending. There will be a time when you can knight a girl, you can only do this with one girl. So when you get to this point make a save file for every girl so you can easily get all the trophies, or you will have to replay most of the game.
The game has multiple post-games, these are necessary to complete for the platinum.
• Sometimes you can trigger desired move suggestions by sending out the character that has the move. So if you aren’t getting a move you want return the character then send them back out. Or plan this ahead.
• Most of the trophies are from knighting and the different endings. Nothing is glitched when you only get a few trophies for most of the game.