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WHOA! I got featured!


Check it out~! I’m the featured review~! So cool~!


Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony [Review No.51]

620145_frontSystem: PS Vita
Genre: Visual Novel / Murder Detective
Year: 2017

Heck yeah I got this game, and heck yeah I played it nonstop for a few days and wrote a review, and heck yeah that review is one of my longest (if not the longest) with over 2000 words in it, and heck yeah here’s the link:

Animetic Story Game 1: CardCaptor Sakura [Review No.50]

!aSystem: PS1
Genre: Children’s
Year: 1999

Wow~! Made it to the big 50, my first major milestone~! As you may have noticed I changed the headliner and “About” and finally added a tab icon. As this blog is totally focused on reviews, and many of the games predate PSN, I figured a new tagline was in order~

Anyways, I finally wrote a review on this game~! I got it the same time I got the other CardCaptor Sakura game I reviewed~! Check out my review here: