Probably goes without saying, but I’m a gamer. I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember and tend to almost only play Japanese games. This blog initially started as a cross between personal and reviews with a lot of emphasis on trophy hunting, it almost immediately changed to just reviews and some collection updates, then went dead after a few posts. If you came here form my music blog, you know I like writing reviews. I started writing reviews for games and found game reviews MUCH more fun to write than music reviews. I started posting game reviews on GameFAQS and was amazed at how fast they go read by tons of people~! So I decided to put the blog back into action and posting links to my reviews here to help generate more views and so there can be an external hub for fans of my reviews to follow. I still love PSN trophies, but now my focus is much more heavily on clearing games and pumping out reviews. I plan on having the most reviews on GameFAQS~! This about me is probably way too long, but yeah, if you enjoy Japanese games and/or obscure games, follow the blog and check periodically for updates~!

My review page on GameFAQS (all my reviews on one neat page): https://www.gamefaqs.com/community/Rin-Coconut/contributions/reviews

Check out my music review blog here: https://obscuremusicdaily.wordpress.com/

Also, please note: I am vehemently against pirating! All games posted I got legally!