14212209_947915578651121_3089332739022164441_nWow, been forever since I posted here! I totally forgot about this blog, but I’ll go back to posting game reviews very soon.

As you can see in the picture, I recently got an imported Japanese PS1~! Its super cool and I do have a few games for it. When I beat them I’ll do some reviews on those. Also, I have a ton of PS Vita and PC games that I can, want to, and will, write reviews about. So expect this blog to be active again, I really miss writing the game reviews~

So far the PS1 games I have are rather simple, but one does require knowing bare basics Japanese, the others you can skate by (I’ll explain more in the respective reviews). When I progressively learn more Japanese the games I’ll be buying for it will grow to be more complex and/or text heavy. I have 689 games currently in my wishlist, and more are always being added. Many of these games are Japan only, so I’m really looking forwards to when I have enough Japanese learned to play them all~!

Also, the other blog Obscure Music Daily is and has been still active, tons of obscure music reviews~!


Stay tuned for more cool games~!


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