The Birth Of A New Blog

Finally got this new blog started~! Some of you may know me from my other blog Obscure Music Daily. This blog will be similar and different than OMD which I’ll cover now.

• Will contain informational reviews of stuff I enjoy
• No rating system
• No negative reviews
• Obscure stuff

• Posts wont be daily, I’ll try to be as active as possible but we’ll see
• Reviews will probably be longer
• Not everything here will be crazy obscure, but all of it will be lesser known, nothing like GTA or COD will be posted

The posts should get more interesting as I learn more Japanese since then I can import a greater variety/amount of games and I plan on getting a Japanese PS1 & PS2 (among many other things) in the future. I’ll be posting stuff from different systems but mostly PS Vita and PC since thats what I mostly play currently. By the way, most games I play are Japanese.


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