Komugi-tan Minigemu So No 1 Otsu Mugimaru Nigerun Desu! [Review No.73]

System: PC
Genre: Horizontal Danmaku Dodge’em
Year: 2005

This here is a much lesser known doujin game based on Nurse Witch Komugi-chan~! I love Komugi-chan and am also the person who entered this game into the GameFAQs database~! Check out my review here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/233873-komugi-tan-minigemu-so-no-1-otsu-mugimaru-nigerun-desu/reviews/166287


Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match [Review No.72]

637812_frontSystem: PS4
Genre: Tank Combat
Year: 2018

The girls (und panzer) are back in an all new game on PS4~! Girls und Panzer is one of my absolute favorite anime to ever exist so I of course was stoked when this came out~! Check out my review of the game here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/213873-girls-und-panzer-dream-tank-match/reviews/166277

2 Year Anniversary~!

After not being on the blog for a long time I randomly opened up the blog today and there it was, the two year anniversary notification from WordPress~!

The actual date I really got this blog started is a bi foggy, but I’ve written reviews for 68 games across numerous systems and decades. Also my reviews have gained 7,586 views on GameFAQs~!!! That’s pretty insane considering I almost only review games very few people care about.

I know I haven’t been posting reviews lately, but that’s because I’ve been focusing on other things, but the blog is still alive and there will be more reviews in the future~!