Shuushuu Nitori Shoot Shoot Nitori [Review No.62]

10472669_613338882108794_2167025772212739001_nSystem: PC
Genre: Horizontal Shoot’em’up
Year: 2014

Well this sure was a process to add! It wasn’t on GameFaqs so I had to submit the game, the pictures, then the review; all in separate stages. I recently bought a lot more games that aren’t in the database, so will add those as I play them. Shoot Shoot Nitori is a Touhou doujin game which has a cool twist to it, check out my review here:


Yume Nikki [Review No.61]

586System: PC
Genre: Exploration Art Game
Year: 2004

I’ve been wanting to write about this since I started the blog~! Of course probably 99% or even 100% of you blog readers have likely already played this. GameFaqs didn’t allow it to have its own page until very recently, so I finally was able to write a review and get it posted~! With a sequel (or remake? spinoff?) on the way, its pretty good timing~! Check out my review of this cult classic here:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R [Review No.58]

10472669_613338882108794_2167025772212739001_nSystem: Super Famicom
Genre: Beat’em’up
Year: 1993

Happy New Year(s)~! Finally wrote a review for a Super Famicom game~! You can check out the review here:

A quick update on the blog, I got a PINK PSP for Christmas, and I purchased a Famicom but it hasn’t arrived yet. A goal of mine for 2018 is to try to make this blog more active. I have a lot of games in my backlog, ones I’ve played a lot of or have even beaten but haven’t written a review yet, ones I’m part way through, and ones I haven’t played (or even opened). I’m also constantly ordering/purchasing more, so there’s more than enough to work with/play~! I got a new job, so I can purchase more games, but I do have less time (and will have even less when I start college), but I still want to try to keep this blog active, and to make it even more active than it was in 2017.