Snake ’97 [Review No.77]

R-12230149-1530985389-6377.jpegSystem: Cellphone
Genre: Snake
Year: 2011

Yes, I really did review a snake game, and yes, I really did give it five stars, check out the review here:


Overwatch [Review No.74]

PA.54233.001System: PS4 (Also PC & XBOX One, but this review is for the PS4 version)
Genre: Multi-player First Person Shooter
Year: 2016

Alright, yeah I know this is totally not the kind of stuff that appears on this blog, but whatever, this is a fun game~! I almost never play Western or mainstream games but this is an exception, check out my review here:

Komugi-tan Minigemu So No 1 Otsu Mugimaru Nigerun Desu! [Review No.73]

System: PC
Genre: Horizontal Danmaku Dodge’em
Year: 2005

This here is a much lesser known doujin game based on Nurse Witch Komugi-chan~! I love Komugi-chan and am also the person who entered this game into the GameFAQs database~! Check out my review here: